Custom-made home furniture by the Italian brand Novamobili.

Novamobili stands out in the furniture sector for its modular systems and proposes personal concepts of domestic life, designing furniture to build spaces around the things you want to have near you. The modular systems are tailor-made and can be fully adapted to individual needs.

At the heart of its philosophy are the values of modularity, flexibility and transversality, which are themselves the expression of a tradition of craftsmanship.

Their extensive catalogue includes everything for bedrooms, living rooms and offices and allows the creation of elegant and comfortable home environments. 

Visit the official site of Petit Toi living to discover the range of furniture for the family and home Novamobili :

Contemporary furniture and accessories 

Petit Toi furnishes your home to measure and advises you on the design of your Novamobili interior. We help you find the perfect solution for your space with the highest design and quality products achieving a unique personalize look.

The solutions implemented by Novamobili are the result of the continuous work of designers, engineers, and technicians who, in collaboration with important names in the world of architecture and design, propose innovative customised furnishing solutions.

Novamobili furniture | interior design service - Petit Toi Lausanne
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