Petit Toi proposes a large choice of chairs, stools, and poufs.  Countless configurations can be made regarding colors, size, styles, legs, wood, or fabric type to match the desk, table and bedroom. To suit your child's age, you can choose between different sitting designs such as poofs, stools or chairs, armchairs, or benches. Custom chairs are the best option to take advantage of the available space, promoting good study habits, and thus keeping homework up to date.

The chairs are made with natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasise conservation and lead to ecofriendly products. Our brands use eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.

Children’s chairs, stools and poofs offered at Petit Toi include brands such as Asoral-MubaŒuf NYCOliver FurnitureNidi by BattistellaKalon StudiosLifetimeNovamobiliBlueroom and Leander. Moreover, Petit Toi also offers a personalized children's room decoration service to help you furnish the baby and children's room.