Children's Beds

Petit Toi proposes a large array of junior beds. Different configurations can be made regarding colors, size, styles, and wood type in order to achieve the bed configuration that you need for each room. Find your ideal bed to sleep and dream. Many choices are created by brilliant ideas and ingenious designs, from a single bed to a trundle bed, 3, 6 and 8 drawer beds, a bunk bed or a loft bed. An extra bed is a very good choice for a friend staying overnight. Large drawers keep things tidy. Some of our junior beds have a dual purpose: a cozy bed with protective sides at night and a delicate sofa with personal pillows along with the backrest during the day. Thanks to conversion kits, some junior beds can quickly transform into other beds to meet all needs.

The junior beds are made from natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasise conservation and lead to ecofriendly products. Our brands use eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.

The junior beds offered at Petit Toi include brands such as Asoral-Muba, Œuf NYC, Oliver Furniture, Nidi by Battistella, Kalon Studios, Lifetime, Novamobili, Blueroom and Leander. Moreover, Petit Toi offers a personalized children's room decoration service to help you furnish the baby and children's room.