Bunk and Loft Beds

Petit Toi proposes a large array of bunk beds and loft beds. Different configurations can be made regarding colors, size, styles, stairs or climbing elements, drawers, and wood type in order to achieve the bed that you need for each room. Find your ideal bed to sleep and dream. Many choices are created by brilliant ideas and ingenious designs. Bunk beds make the best use of space in your children's bedroom. We have several options such as classic bunk beds, lofts or high beds, mobile bunk beds (3 x beds and drawers for large families), all of which are reversible, and can be completed with container steps with lots of storage capacity. And to turn your favorite bunk bed into a little house, we propose some options of linen tipi to create your children’s favorite hideaway to play and have fun. Bunk beds can be equipped with wardrobes, closets and drawers, and removable lift beds or drawers under the lower bed. The lower bed is a simple nest. Bedrooms with bunk beds are the best solution for making space to study and have fun. In addition, bunk beds have design and production controls that make them safe for children.

Loft beds are ideal for gaining space under the bed for a desk, bookcase, table and cubes; you can put up a teepee and convert it into a small house or tent.  Thanks to conversion kits, some junior beds can quickly transform into bunk beds and loft beds to meet all needs.

Bunk and loft beds are made from natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasise conservation and lead to ecofriendly products. Our brands use eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.

The bunk and loft beds offered at Petit Toi include brands such as Asoral-MubaŒuf NYCOliver FurnitureNidi by BattistellaKalon StudiosLifetimeNovamobiliBlueroom and Leander. Moreover, Petit Toi offers a personalized decoration service to help you furnish the baby’s and children's room.