Décoration suspendue – POM Grand – Orange/Jaune/Rose
  • Décoration suspendue – POM Grand – Orange/Jaune/Rose
  • Décoration suspendue – POM Grand – Orange/Jaune/Rose
  • Décoration suspendue – POM Grand – Orange/Jaune/Rose

Hanging decoration - POM Big- Orange/Yellow/Pink


Set of 3 pastel pompoms in tissue paper of different sizes and colors: orange (ø44 cm), yellow (ø47 cm) and pink (Ø49 cm). Usually dispatched within 2-3 days. Available in store.


Pom: The perfect party decoration

For all your events, you need decorations. With its collection of festive hanging pompoms, Engel is there for your birthday, your wedding, baptism of your child and all the important moments of your life. You can find the decoration that suits you from the collection. These pompoms are also suitable for children since they are very strong, durable and made with tissue paper. You can use them to decorate your child’s bedroom by hanging them from the ceiling. Whether you prefer pastel or bright colours, warm or cold colours, Petit Toi sells many Engel-branded pompoms on the website.  

Engel: A mother’s brand

Sabien Engelenburg created Engel thanks to her daughter. Because she wanted to make the most beautiful moments of her child’s life unforgettable, she began to create pompoms. With her sewing machine, she began by transforming fabric scraps, which came to her from her grandmother, into pieces of art. Engel was born from there. Sabien Engelenburg wanted to bring color into the most wonderful moments of each person’s life. They are very functional and durable and suit any event. Petit Toi loves the story of this brand and we recommend these beautiful hanging decorations to bring colour to all your celebrations.

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