Chest of Drawers and Changing Tables

Petit Toi offers a wide range of baby dressers and changing tables. Various configurations can be made regarding colours, size, models, type of wood, changing surface, number of shelves, drawers, handles or type of door to achieve the chest of drawers you need for each room.

Very versatile furniture that offers many benefits for parents and their baby

The changing table is an important part of the baby's room. It can be a chest of drawers with a changing station on top or a changing table with a storage shelf underneath. Chests of drawers with a removable changing table combine the baby care environment with plenty of storage. When the changing table is no longer needed, it is easily removed - and gives the chest of drawers its purpose for many years to come. Different types of dressers are available to suit the size and needs of the child, as well as the storage needs of adults. In addition, modular chests of drawers can be combined to create a dressing room to suit the room.

High quality materials

Dressers and changing tables are made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials that focus on conservation and lead to environmentally friendly products. Our brands use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that promote sustainability. Dressers and changing tables for sale at Petit Toi include brands such as Asoral-Muba, Œuf NYC, Oliver Furniture, Nidi by Battistella, Kalon Studios, Lifetime, Novamobili, Blueroom and Leander. Petit Toi also offers a personalised decorating service to help you furnish the baby and children's room.

Chests of drawers and changing tables for the nursery
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