Designing a child's bedroom can be an exciting task, and furniture and objects are important to create a welcoming and functional space for your little one. A comfortable and safe bed is essential. Cribs for children can be used up to the age of six or more, a quality mattress that fits the size of the bed and is firm enough is important to ensure your child's safety.

A chest of drawers can be very useful for storing your child's clothes, and a wardrobe for storing clothes, toys and other items is also a key element for your child's bedroom. It can be fitted with drawers or shelves to maximise storage space. A large wardrobe will be more advisable as it can accommodate your child's needs as they grow.

Wall shelves are a good option for storing your child's books, toys and soft toys while freeing up floor space. There are wall shelves specially designed for children's rooms, with colourful and playful designs. The soft and comfortable carpet can create a warm and welcoming atmosphere in your child's room.

Easy to clean and maintain rugs are well suited with non-slip coating to avoid accidents. Decorative items such as stickers, posters, mobiles, garlands and lamps will add a touch of colour to the nursery to create a playful and colourful space that will stimulate your child's imagination and creativity.

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