Teens' beds

Beds for the teenager's room

Petit Toi offers beds for the teenager's room that take into account their needs and desires, designing modern spaces to allow them to flourish in all their activities.

The bed line is customizable and allows for different configurations in terms of colors, sizes, styles and types of wood to meet the dreams of teens. Bedroom furnishing solutions with outstanding design, quality and technology.

Battistella's Nidi furniture collection, made in Italy, offers several customizable combinations to create colorful and aesthetic spaces that meet different needs and tastes, while remaining functional and practical, allowing the imagination to run wild. In addition to its history, quality and design, Nidi de Battistella is resolutely eco-responsible by using natural, renewable and recyclable materials to manufacture its furniture, as well as environmentally friendly manufacturing processes to promote sustainability.

Petit Toi also offers a personalized decorating service to help furnish the bedroom, available in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Teenage beds modern design
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