Oliver Furniture

Oliver Furniture is an authentic and subtle brand of furniture for children and adults. Oliver Furniture was founded in 2003 by Danish designer Søren Rørbæk. Inspired by old Scandinavian furniture traditions, Oliver Furniture first developed a collection of furniture with romantic and traditional lines.

In recent years, Oliver Furniture has developed more contemporary collections, combining design and tradition. The magnificent Wood collection is an example of this.

Safety and health are at the heart of Oliver Furniture - after all, we are parents ourselves. Our furniture is designed to meet strict EU standards and regularly undergoes various tests. Among other things, we test the evaporation of toxic substances from the painted and lacquered surfaces as well as the wood and MDF we use in our production. All our furniture complies with European safety standards. In addition, we comply with the requirements of REACH and Oeko-Tex certification. For more information on health and safety issues, please visit oliverfurniture.com.

We hope our furniture will encourage your children to create their imaginary worlds in covered forts, whisper bedtime stories and read under the covers; lights off, flashlight on. And for this reason, we deliberately design Oliver furniture with simple, clean lines, because we want it to fit in perfectly with your family life, your home and that wonderful time of childhood. A time that often seems to pass too quickly, and where it's good to keep some things as they are. With skillfully constructed craftsmanship and long-lasting durability, Oliver Furniture designs are made to stand the test of time, to remain familiar and safe, following your child and family as you grow.

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