Petit Toi offers a wide range of baby shelves, which are a crucial element in a baby's room, as they allow you to efficiently store and organise all the items your little one needs. Whether it's nappies, clothes, toys, books or care accessories, shelves provide practical and accessible storage space for everything you need.

Functional and decorative shelves

As well as being functional, shelves can also help to decorate your baby's room. By choosing shelves that match the theme of the room, you can create a welcoming and pleasant space for your baby. Wall shelves are also a great way to free up floor space and create a more airy look in the room.

High quality materials 

The shelves are made from natural, renewable and recyclable materials that focus on conservation and lead to environmentally friendly products. Our brands use environmentally friendly manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.

Shelves for sale at Petit Toi include brands such as Asoral-Muba, Œuf NYC, Oliver Furniture, Nidi by Battistella, Kalon Studios, Lifetime, Novamobili, Blueroom and Leander. 

Petit Toi also offers a personalised decorating service to help you furnish the baby and children's room.

Shelves for the nursery
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