Atelier Pierre

In the universe of Atelier Pierre Junior, the most beautiful children's lamps are full of imagination. Join them for a wonderful trip and get to know all the beautiful children's lamps, such as César the Fox, Dame Blanche the Swan, Lou the Bear, and many others. An adventure awaits you behind each model.

The Vanhalst family, at the origin of the brand, has chosen to collaborate with the young Belgian designer to give each lamp a fighting chance.

The lamps of Atelier Pierre Junior are available in a range of wonderful colors, so that every child can enjoy them - no one is left behind.

Pamper your child with a beautiful night lamp from the Belgian brand Atelier Pierre Junior. Let their imagination run wild: the wide choice of children's lamps will help them on their way.

Atelier Pierre Junior is a brand that emphasizes respect for the environment while presenting children's rooms with unique and dynamic products.

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