Learning Tower

Children want to discover the world for themselves.

With the learning tower available from Petit Toi, the child can safely reach high surfaces such as the worktop and sink in the kitchen.

This allows the child to participate more closely in family life, whether it's helping to prepare the meal, washing their hands by themselves or even setting the table.

Designed according to the basic principles of Montessori education

This tower is designed according to the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy which can be summarised as follows: "Help me to do it alone". With this tower, children from the age of 1 year onwards will be able to reach out of reach places in a safe and independent way.

Thanks to the height adjustment, children between 1 and 4 years of age can carry out their daily activities at the same height as adults. The child can get in and out easily. Spacers on all four sides prevent the child from falling out.

A fabric (available as an additional accessory) makes the child even safer in the early years. The same fabric can be used to transform the tower into a hammock-type bed. Thanks to the skids on the base, the Tuki learning tower can be easily moved to other rooms.

Montessori learning tower
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