Mobile suspendu – Locomobile
  • Mobile suspendu – Locomobile
  • Mobile suspendu – Locomobile

Mobile - Locomobile


This "Locomobile" mobile made in screen-printed sheets measures 32x40 cm. Designed by Louise B. Helmersen and hand made in Denmark. Usually dispatched within 2-3 days. Available in store.


A beautiful mobile for babies

This mobile is suspended from virtually invisible strings with very delicate decorations. One mobile features a colourful locomotive : four wagons, red, green, yellow and blue, dance harmoniously above your baby's bed or in any room that you want to decorate. This mobile is suitable for both boys and girls and would be the perfect decoration to add some colour to children’s bedrooms of all ages. If your child prefers butterflies, elephants and even whales, you will find a mobile for your child from Flensted’s collection. The mobile will bring brightness and harmony. You can find all the models on Petit Toi’s website.  

Flensted: carefully created mobiles

Flensted is a Danish brand. In Denmark, mobiles are a real tradition. Therefore, all Flensted products are created with the utmost care. The balancing of each mobile is done by the most experienced hands. This is why all Flensted mobiles for children are carefully assembled by hand. Petit Toi recommends Flensted for your baby's mobile. We really like these delicate decorative items. Because they were created, balanced and packed with great respect for the Danish tradition of the mobile, Petit Toi ensures it is giving you what is the best for your child. We choose our brands to offer you quality decorative items. Please do not hesitate to ask our advice on decorating your child’s room.

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