Mini Night Lamp Boris


Boris the little bear lamp measures 10 x 10 x 16.5 cm. Made in soft silicone and BPA-free.

With an easy on/off button. This night lamp will automatically turned off after 12 minutes. Batteries included.

Usually dispatched within 2-3 days. Available in store.

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Miffy the rabbit and its friends: a 100% Dutch creation The Dutch graphic artist, Dick Bruna, first created Miffy the rabbit in the bedtime stories he told his son. Since then, Miffy has become very popular and has appeared on many objects. This Miffy and its friends Snuffy and Boris night lights are 100% Dutch, as Mr Maria is a Dutch brand. Mr Maria consists of two very talented designers who create night lights for children of all ages. A night light for children Miffy and its friends Snuffy and Boris night lights are primarily dedicated to little ones as it will reassure them in the dark. Its elegant design and Miffy's and friends pretty faces are ideal to give your child a sense of security if they are afraid of the dark. Made of cilicone, the lamp is very resistant, recyclable and environmentally friendly. This is why Petit Toi recommends Mr Maria for your children. This night lamp is also available in a larger model. You can find Miffy Night lamp - XL on Petit Toi’s website. However, if your child prefers mushrooms to rabbits, you can also find that night lamps in our selection of night lamps. A beautiful decorative lamp With its integrated soft LED light, Miffy and friends lamps are also a mood lamps for any living room. Mr Maria designed this product for all people. Whether you are a lover of rabbits, dog or bear, a fan of comics or just a big kid, Miffy lamp is made for your home. It is white, so it fits into any decor. It is a modern design lamp which is recommended by Petit Toi. Please do not hesitate to ask us advice for decorating your home.