Backpacks & Pencil cases

The Petit Toi range of high quality backpacks and satchels designed especially for children are carefully crafted with unique designs to suit every age group, from toddlers through to school children and big adventurers.

Whether it's going to school or putting things away on a walk, our Petit Toi backpacks and satchels with the unique designs are the perfect gift for your child. Give them the pleasure of having a bag that suits them and will accompany them in style on all their adventures.

In partnership with the ENGEL brand, STICKY LEMON and NOBODINOZ, we strive to create backpacks and satchels that combine both aesthetics and practicality. Our backpacks and satchels are made from high-quality materials, ensuring their durability and resistance to your child's daily activities and school equipment.

At Petit Toi, we understand the importance of offering children durable and functional items that match their style and personality.

children's backpacks and pencil cases - Petit Toi Lausanne
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