Bureau et Casiers de rangement – 20 coloris
  • Bureau et Casiers de rangement – 20 coloris
  • Desktop + Storage Boxes
  • Desktop + Storage Boxes

Desktop + Storage Boxes

Asoral - Muba
Delivery and assembly throughout Switzerland

Desktop length adaptable to customer needs. Price indicated for information relating to a single desk (150x60) and 2 storage boxes (134x53). The chair is not included in the price. You can choose to have your furniture delivered and/or assembled by our team of professionals. 8 to 10 week delivery time.

Due to the high versatility of this brand, we prefer to provide you with a personalised service. We invite you to visit our shop to define the option that suits your needs. Customized solutions and 3D drawings are available.


Muba-Design's "Room Planner" collection is a line of furniture that provides high-design solutions for decorating children's and youth rooms. Muba is a family business that manufactures furniture of a very high quality in Spain. Modular designs allow multiple combinations to suit any space and the needs of children and youths of all ages. Each piece comes in a wide choice of colours. A name or a special word can be engraved. All furniture is made of top-quality materials, subject to sustainability standards and criteria.

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