Babyzen YOYO2

BABYZEN was founded by a group of five dads who asked themselves the same question: "Why should we walk our children in bulky, impractical and unattractive strollers?" The YOYO2 stroller folds and unfolds easily, can be worn over the shoulder, and you can drive it anywhere. YOYO2 is an evolutionary stroller, compact, yet robust, from birth until the child no longer needs it. Comfortable, malleable and light! When your child is born, you can install either the 0+ newborn pack on the stroller frame, which allows you to comfortably lie flat and face your baby, or the YOYO carrycot, which clips on easily. It is very comfortable and is positioned at a height closer to you. From 6 months, your child has grown up and you can sit him facing the world. Just change the textiles from your newborn 0+ pack for textiles from the 6+ color pack YOYO2 is so compact that it fits in small spaces at home, in the trunk of the car, on the subway, in an elevator or in a restaurant. It can even be taken on the plane in version 0+ and in version 6+. The new YOYO2 stroller benefits from unequaled flexibility and cushioning, thanks to its new independent suspensions on the 4 wheels (Hytrel elastomer suspensions, a unique technology).

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