Wooden Story

Wooden Story is a Polish brand located in the Beksidy which creates beautiful wooden toys.


Just Dutch

Just Dutch is a dutch company which proposes crochet 100% handmade cuddle toys (100% cotton).


Oli & Carol

Oli & Carol is a recent company created by 2 sisters living in Barcelona. The Brand proposes natural and environmentally friendly products for our children (no BPA, no phthalate and biodegradable).



Londji n’est pas seulement un magnifique village de pêcheurs au Cameroun mais c’est également un projet initié il y a quelques années autour de l’art, des jouets et des jeux.

En 2004, toute l’attention des créateurs s’est portée sur la recherche de jouets et jeux traditionnels, souvent oubliés, qu’ils vont, au fur et à mesure, renouveler avec une touche de design pour aboutir au lancement de leurs propres créations. Londji continue sa route en se développant, grâce au travail d’équipe avec comme ingrédients l’enthousiasme, l’innovation et l’imagination. Londji, des jouets originaux pour les enfants de 3 à 103 ans « Made in Barcelona, Spain »…



Seedling is a brand of toys and gifts for children from New Zealand that creates inspirational products which give the opportunity for ideas and curiosity to grow. Their products are centred on providing great quality tools and materials as a foundation which enable Seedling games to be an experience to remember! Their kits are not entirely painted giving an open-ended invitation to a great experience, encouraging children to think creatively, ask questions and gain life skills. Seedling play kits are tested by kids, today kids and their joy and happiness. Children love Seedling gammes which allow them to create new worlds using their unstoppable imagination.


Blabla kids

Blabla was created in 2001 by two good friends with the same philosophy of life and beauty.​ Specialized in ​knitted dolls and products for children made in Peru by expert knitters who ​have been keeping the tradition alive for generations.

With a commitment to fair trade, and keeping environmental awareness in mind. Blabla’s mission is to continue to inspire joy and laughter.​ ​Blabla is very proud to be able to bring a little bit of tenderness to so many children every day.



OMY Design & Play offers a range of joyful products, graphic and intelligent designs for the house, for all ages. Graphic designs to cover your walls, to be worn or light up the night. From posters to clothing, the opportunities for experimentation are endless. The colours and words radiate, dance amongst the designs and forms, bringing playfulness and humour.



Marie Valloton, versatile artist coming from the world of theatre and drama, has long tried to find a nice and original music box to lull her daughter. In vain! All she found was conventional, far from fulfilling her expectations, both in terms of musical style and design. Never mind, she thought, she then sat behind her sewing machine to make the music box she dreamed and which was the first of a long series.



L’Asticot cultivates the art of clothing babies and kids, while rewriting the rules of ethical fashion. It’s all about comfort, quality and sustainability, but the designs are strong, the fabrics are exclusive and original, the cuts are creative and slim fitting.

Lying halfway between French classicism and Nordic extravaganza, the Swiss brand distinguishes itself for its use of only organic raw materials GOTS certified as well as the Oeko-Tex Standars 100 classe 1 certification for dyes, the number on label for textile product free of toxins.


Donna Wilson

Donna Wilson set up her company in 2003 after making odd knitted creatures for her final show at the Royal College of art. The creatures sold out and since then she has built her business designing and making a collection of curious cushions, luxurious lamb’s wool blankets, and variety of products for adults and kids. She runs a studio and workshop in London. Passionate about creating products that people can connect with, the studio is committed to making things that our customers will treasure. They use UK based manufacturers and suppliers wherever possible, doing our bit to keep craftsmanship alive.



Ekobo est une entreprise éco-citoyenne qui conçoit des objets contemporains à partir d’une ressource naturelle renouvelable : le bambou. BIOBU est la ligne spécialisée pour les enfants.

Leur objectif, en associant design et savoir-faire traditionnel, est de développer une activité durable pour les communautés artisanales, les filières éco-industrielles et encourager un mode de consommation écologiquement responsable.

Ekobo propose désormais plus de 350 références écologiques, équitables et esthétiques à utiliser dans tous les univers de la maison.


Minus Editions

Minus, books that create connections. A publishing house from Lille specialised in unique books, with funny themes, to be filled in, designed to feed children’s imagination but also for adults offer to laugh along as well!! With Minus, we learn, we talk, we play … always with humour and most of all without taboo!


Egmont toys

Egmont Toys, Belgian creator and manufacturer, the brand has imagined and designed decorative items and vintage-inspired toys for 20 years.


cullycully…. My little Switzerland

cullycully is a studio based on the shores of Lake Leman who creates graphics and fun products for the whole family. My Little Switzerland is a collection that revisits playfully Switzerland: its icons, its expressions. Among these products we find giant coloring like a map of Switzerland that allows to color the most important symbols of the country, The Poya , coloring A5 format cards with animal heads or the Lavaux vineyards bordering the lake Leman, tattoos and tote bags.