Nidi by Battistella

Chic Italian design for children and teenagers
First brand to launch a collection of furniture for children and teenagers back in 1963. Made in Italy, with a sound design, a quality and remarkable technologies. Nidi by Battistella proposes a broad range of modulable solutions to truly plan a room and colorful spaces giving freedom to the imagination. All panels are made with 100% recycled wood with a formaldehyde emission close to null classified E1. The thermo-retractable films used are made with 30% of recycled polymers. The entirety of the packaging is recyclable.


Oliver Furniture

Oliver Furniture creates wooden furniture for modern family, designed by Søren Rørbæk.. Born from a Scandinavian tradition of wood making. Based on a simple aesthetic, high quality craftsmanship and functionality.


Asoral - Muba

Asoral – Muba is a Spanish family brand, created in 1976, who decided to make their dream come true by creating a kids and teenager furniture factory. Specialized in tailor-made furniture with simple, functional, original and colourful design for children and young people, Asoral – Muba furniture offers the best solutions to decorate children’s and youth rooms to measure, especially with their new collection Roomplanner that is available at Petit Toi.


Italian brand of beautiful, contemporary, and modular furniture.  

Novamobili is internationally renowned, encompassing quality, traditional craftsmanship, modern technology, family philosophy, ongoing research, and a true commitment to sustainable development. The brand belongs to Battistella group. 

Modular, flexible, and cross‐functional, the Novamobili collection naturally adapts to suit a host of different architectures, décor styles, and space requirements, offering stylish, practical solutions for any room in the home (bed, living, dining and office room) 

Novamobili is a line of innovative, custom‐designed furniture solutions that can be fully tailored to individual requirements. 

From walk‐in closets or wardrobes to beds and drawer units, from bookcases to sofas or tables and even occasional furniture, Novamobili offers a comprehensive, flexible furniture system featuring a whole host of solutions designed to bring personality into every room of your home.


Oeuf NYC

Oeuf NYC is a NY brand, created in 2002. Oeuf offers a simple, clean and intuitive, timeless and convertible furniture that is easy and safe to use. Designed with a European sensibility that is fun and stylish reflecting the needs and lifestyle of today’s families. Made with natural, renewable, recyclable materials that emphasise conservation and lead to environmentally sound products. They employ eco-conscious manufacturing processes that promote sustainability.



Blueroom is a Swissmade brand founded by a couple of Swiss architects with extensive architectural experience. Blueroom creates and develops children’s furniture, habitat furniture, architecture and design, while respecting the parameters of quality and functionality.


LIFETIME Kidsrooms

LIFETIME Kidsrooms exist since 1972, however, the family owned company can look back on decades of experience in the furniture business. It goes back to 1924 when the grandfather opened a timber repair workshop, in 1958 his son took over the company, expanded the portfolio and in the following years convert the workshop to a small furniture’s manufacturing. In 1974 Lifetime started as “Classic System”, the direct predecessor of today’s “LIFETIME Kidsrooms Original”. Now a days the company is run by the 3rd generation of the family Engel.


Kalon Studios


Kalon Studios is a young design studio from California focused on contemporary form and innovative design.


Pazapas - bobo kids

Belgian brand, created in 2007 by two dynamic mums; the brand offers a new world of children’s furniture with an elegant and contemporary look. Pazapas – Bobo Kids’ original furniture is characterised by its clean design combined with a modern multifunctional and simple touch. In addition, each product is made according to each customer’s taste and needs. You can choose from a modern range of colored fabrics and carefully selected wood.



The Leander brand was founded by Mr. Stig Leander Nielsen. It was during and as a result of his apprenticeship as a blacksmith that he developed his sense of aesthetics, functionality, practicality and the possibilities offered by materials properties.