Lighting for the nursery

Light fittings are key elements in the decoration of a child's room, as they can create a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Among the different types of lights, Petit Toi offers wall lights, hanging lights and night lights.

 Hanging lamps

Hanging lamps are another popular choice for a child's bedroom. They are suspended from the ceiling and provide a soft, subdued light. Hanging lamps can be used to light a specific area of the room, such as the reading corner or the play corner. Models with colourful shades or playful designs are also very popular with children.

Night lights

Nightlights are a practical accessory for the child's bedroom. They provide a soft, soothing light that can help children fall asleep more easily. Nightlights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. LED nightlights are a popular choice as they are energy efficient and do not heat up.

At Petit Toi, we work with the best recommended brands for children and babies such as: Mr. Maria, Miffy and Flow. To imagine and create a bedroom for the little ones together, Petit Toi offers a personalised interior design and aesthetic advice service that allows you to create the bedroom of your dreams, and those of your children, while ensuring safety and age adaptability.

Lamps and lighting for the nursery - Petit Toi Lausanne
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