LPetit Toi offers a selection of quality children's toys that will stimulate a child's imagination and provide hours of fun, a variety of options to help find the perfect gift.

Educational toys and games

Designed to encourage learning while having fun. We have board games that develop logic and critical thinking, puzzles that stimulate creativity and coordination, and construction toys that improve dexterity and problem-solving skills.

Tipis and children's huts

A great way for children to immerse themselves in a fantasy world and develop their creativity. Tipis and huts can be used for playing hide and seek, reading stories or just relaxing. They are also a great way for children to engage in role play, develop their imagination and build their confidence.

Children's plush toys

Stuffed animals and comforters are soft, cuddly and comforting. They are perfect for children who need a soft friend to cuddle and comfort them. We have plush and soft toys in all sizes, shapes and colours, so every child can find the perfect companion.

Kid's Toys and games
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